Are All Eggs Created Equal?

November 18, 2020

Well, it's been kind of a blur these past few days! We've been having fun cracking and shelling pecans and meeting all our customers, new and old.

Pecan season requires lots of sampling (just to make sure they're all good, you know. Especially the chocolate covered ones.)


Pasture raised laying hens

After observing our flock of laying hens and enjoying the freshness and taste of their eggs, we feel the answer to the question in the subject line is a NO! Not all eggs are created equal.

Our chickens get to enjoy fresh green grass, get to scratch around in the dirt and enjoy any crickets, worms or any other bugs they chance to find.

Now during pecan season, they get to pick through the pecan hulls and glean any broken bits of pecan that were blown out with the hulls. They have access to all the Non-GMO feed that they can eat. In short, they have a good life. (You can buy our eggs here.)


I've been about to pull my hair out with the processor these days. The pork is long overdue but I think, maybe, maybe we'll get some of it home this week.


We have some mighty nice steers and heifers growing and putting on weight. These will be ready late spring, early summer. We're not quite ready to start taking orders for them yet but will give you a heads up when we are.


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