Days Are Warm and Sweet as Honey

July 8, 2020

I trust this finds you doing well on this warm, summer day. Just a little heads up on what's been going on out on the farm.


We spent several days seining catfish the last week or two. That's always an exciting time for us! We've had several folks ask us if we sell catfish out of our store and we're wanting to in the near future.

Pictured below are the fish ready to be loaded out with a boom truck and big dip net.

Seining catfish

Raw Honey

We are now offering 100% pure, raw, wildflower honey from Little Lapp Farm.

Honey and wooden dipper

Enjoy 15% off (expires 7/18/20) on our 1 lb. glass honey bottle with wooden dipper.

Beef Halves

How would it feel to know you had your family's beef needs supplied with All-Natural 100% Grass-fed Beef?

You can do it by ordering your half of a custom processed beef cut to your specifications.

Not sure that you can handle that much beef? We have customers who split a half with friends and family members and they all come out smiling.

Warm regards,

Order Beef Here

P.S. Pecan halves are still one sale. Sale ends 7/18/20


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