Ever Heard of Being Pig Headed?

July 28, 2020

Yesterday I had an interesting day. I loaded up two cows and took them to the processor after which I headed down south to Decatur, Ms. I was after a sow and boar. (names for pig breeding stock)

Apparently right about the time I drove up at my destination, big daddy boar decides to get his tusk caught on the fence. It wasn't really caught, but since all he could think about was pulling backwards he was caught. We tried pushing and pulling and coaxing and cajoling but being pigheaded means you absolutely WILL not consider doing ANYTHING someone else asks of you.

I'll spare all the details but at long last we got him free, proceeded to try to convince the sow and boar to get on my trailer, but of course that wasn't in their plans either. I finally resigned to leaving my trailer there and the former owners agreed to bring the pigs to me if and when they ever went on the trailer.

After enjoying a sandwich that they graciously provided for me I headed back to Macon without pigs, without a trailer but with serious questions about my sanity. Like really, what business to I have trying to get those monstrous pigheaded pigs out to our farm?

I was well on the way home when Lee called and said that the pigs decided that they would get on the trailer after all. So I got to turn around and head back to pick up the pigs after all.

Morale of the story? Try not to be pigheaded, it makes life difficult for everyone involved. Next week I'll include a picture of these obnoxious newcomers.

Have a great day,


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