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Spring Is Here!

April 4, 2019

Good morning from New Grass Farms,

I love spring time - fresh, new grass growing, leaves budding forth on the trees, birds singing, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, indeed life is good! 

Here on the farm we've been busy with a variety of different projects. I've been helping my dad off and on get his corn planted, taking care of the livestock takes a fair bit of time, etc. The project and accomplishment that I'm most excited about, though, was getting some 5,000 ft. of water line buried in the ground! That's been something that I've wanted to get done for a long time and it finally happened. Now we have watering points scattered throughout one of our pastures making it easy to move the livestock around and water is available at all points. We still have many more feet of pipe to lay in the future but for now I'm happy with the progress.

The cows and sheep are enjoying plenty of green grass and sunshine these days after the extremely wet winter we had. To date, we have 21 little calves on the ground with more being born nearly every day. Lambing season will start in May. We're all excited about seeing little lambs jumping and running around.

That's all for now,



Merry Christmas

Dec 21st, 2018