Quarter Pork Bundle

Quarter Pork Bundle

30 Lbs. GMO Free Pork Bundle

Enjoy the bundle savings on our delicious pasture-raised pork. 

Our Quarter pork bundles have been pre-cut and include the favorite cuts: 

Smoked Bacon, Pork Chops, Boston Butts, Ground Pork, Pattie Sausage, 

Fresh Link Sausage, Smoked Link Sausage and Smoked Italian Link Sausage.

When you order the Quarter pork bundle you will get 30 lbs. of Non-GMO fed, pasture-raised pork.

Bundle includes:

5 lbs. Smoked Bacon (approximately 12oz. packages) 

8-10 lbs. Pork Chops (packaged 4 chops per package)

3 - 5 lbs. Boston Butt (approximately 4-5 lbs. per package)

3 lbs. Ground Pork (1 lb. packages)

3 lbs. Pattie Sausage (1 lb. packages)

2 lbs. Fresh Link Sausage (approximately 1 lb. packages)

2 lbs. Smoked Link Sausage (approximately 1 lb. packages)

2 lbs. Italian Smoked Link Sausage (approximately 1 lb. packages)

Weights are approximate as package weights can vary but we'll make sure you get a solid 30 lbs. of pork.